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What is a Submittal?

For every construction project, it is critical for all stakeholders to be aligned on design choices, product selection, project timelines, and costs. A lot is at stake including meeting deadlines, budgets, code requirements, and ultimately meeting best-in-class standards set for the quality of material or work. The standard procedure for stakeholders to maintain alliance on project design choices is by generating a construction submittal package.

Zach MixJune 30, 2023
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Submittal Aggregator Product Update

Introduction to the Problem: Distributors and even Rep Agents often find themselves trying to aggregate two or more submittal packages into one comprehensive package to pass down throughout the supply chain. Reps and Distributors may receive their submittals from different stakeholders. Organizing all documentation into one single source of truth helps them keep project documentation […]

Tom MurphyDecember 9, 2022
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The Lighting Rep of the Future

Following Lightspec West hosted in Los Angeles back in September, it is clear that lighting companies can develop efficiencies and minimize risk within their respective businesses by leveraging technology. I had the opportunity to discuss some of these initiatives with industry peers during “The Dynamic Evolution of The Lighting Agency Today” panel session and everybody agreed that these are important initiatives, yet there’s a lack of solutions that cater to our industry. 

Zach MixNovember 28, 2022

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